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The Journey Card Set is designed to be your companion on your spiritual self-exploration journey. With 40 cards, it highlights various mindfulness practices and encourages introspection through reflection questions, inviting you to dive deep within and explore the many layers of yourself. To deepen your experience, consider enriching your exploration with cacao or a mild mushroom microdose.

Journey Card Set

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  • This set includes a box (88 x 144 x 25 mm) a leaflet, a playlist to help you get into the mood, and a total of 40 cards, categorised into three distinct sections:

    In the blue/ground section, you'll discover tools that facilitate grounding and a deep connection with the present moment. 

    With the yellow/rise cards, we guide you towards connecting with high-vibrational emotions, letting you see the magic within and around.

    The red/deepen cards invite you to delve deep within yourself, and helping you to shed what is no longer serving you.

  • Our commitment to sustainability stems from our belief that caring for the planet is a form of self-preservation. This is why we chose an eco-friendly partner based in Italy, that use solar energy, FSC-certified paper and food-grade ink. 

Sam, UK

"Using these cards on my last microdosing journey was pretty amazing. I started with a blue card to help me arrive where I am. The questions on the back got me thinking and made me appreciate the moment even more. It was just what I needed. The best part of it is that there are so many different tools to chose from."
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