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Who we are

Our mission

‘A Journey Home’ is a creation by fellow seekers, united by a shared passion for self-discovery through ancient and new-age practices.

We hope to inspire and facilitate positive change by co-creating tools that help you access your inner wisdom and contribute to our collective expansion.

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Our manifesto 

We are here on a journey towards home,

To shed the layers of conditioned beliefs,

To connect, feel and breathe deeply,

To explore this world and all its wonders.

Our mission is to guide you on this journey,

To deepen states of awareness and intimacy,

To point you towards exploration and vulnerability,

And inspire you to access your inner wisdom.

We do not seek to prescribe or dictate,

For the key to your truth lies within,

We rather seek to offer a helping hand,

To support you in your never-ending transformation.

We celebrate the uniqueness of all beings,

And the many paths that lead to growth,

For we are curious explorers of the soul,

Not afraid to look foolish in the pursuit of returning home. 

Our intention is to move beyond momentary bliss,

To ignite more presence and awareness in the everyday,

So that we show up with an open heart,

And leave the world better than we found it.

This is our belief, our baseline, our manifesto,

For we are here to heal and express our authentic selves,

And to inspire others to do the same,

In a world where love, connection, and exploration reign.

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