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Exploring inner depths with the help of microdosing

Our egos often cloud our perception, distorting reality as we filter it through past projections and our attachments to our present self-concept. This is why introspection requires a certain level of detached self-observation which is a skill that is built over time with continuous practice, such as through meditation. But what if you don’t have a consistent self-observation practice? Are you forever doomed, to be run by old beliefs that might not even be yours to begin with? So to be able to cut through the internal BS and actually see things for what they are, microdosing can be incredibly powerful. In this article we will explore why.

Increased Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

One of the most profound gifts of microdosing is its ability to elevate mindfulness and self-awareness. It's like shining a spotlight on your inner world, allowing you to see your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with clarity. With this heightened awareness, you can delve deeper into your beliefs, understanding not only what you believe but also why you believe it.

As you journey deeper into your psyche, you'll uncover the origins of your beliefs – some deeply rooted in childhood experiences, others shaped by societal influences. Knowing where your beliefs come from empowers you to evaluate their impact on your life. Are they serving you well, or are they holding you back? Microdosing acts as a guiding light on this introspective path, helping you make conscious choices about the beliefs you want to keep and those you're ready to release.

Enhanced Creativity and Perspective-Shifting

Microdosing has a remarkable ability to enhance creative thinking and open the doors of perception. When your mind is in a state of heightened awareness, it becomes easier to question and challenge long-held beliefs. You'll find yourself more willing to entertain alternative viewpoints and consider possibilities you may have never explored before. The process of questioning your beliefs becomes a dynamic, creative endeavour. You might discover that what once seemed like an immovable truth is, in fact, subject to interpretation. Microdosing encourages you to embrace a mindset of curiosity and exploration. This newfound mental flexibility can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth, enabling you to adapt and evolve in response to life's ever-changing circumstances.

Increased Emotional Awareness and Exploration

Emotions serve as the silent architects of our beliefs and behaviours. They wield a profound influence on the course of our lives, yet many of us traverse this emotional landscape on autopilot. Microdosing, with its unique ability to heighten emotional awareness, opens the door to a more profound connection with and exploration of the emotions entwined with your beliefs.

As you embark on this transformative journey, you'll discover that emotions are more than fleeting experiences – they are powerful messengers, bearing the wisdom of your inner self. They unveil the layers of meaning concealed beneath your beliefs, inviting you to feel the entire spectrum of feelings - as the saying goes, "You need to feel it to heal it".

To kickstart your journey of inner exploration, we picked out one exercise from our card set which is part of the ‘deepen’ section.

  1. Think of a situation that triggers strong emotions (anger, fear, sadness…)

  2. Observe if sensations arise (tension, tightness, discomfort…)

  3. Breathe deeply into the area, observe with love & allow the sensation to shift

Once you finish the exercise ask yourself: What is the purpose of triggers?

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