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Awakening Awe and Wonder: Tapping into the Magic of Existence

Every emotion we experience is, in essence, a conscious practice, whether we realise it or not. Given the current state of the world, we often unconsciously engage in feelings like fear and worry, shaping our personal reality accordingly. But what if we intentionally directed our conscious practice towards emotions like awe and wonder? In doing so, we would craft the blueprint of our own reality and foster an innate connection with the vastness of existence.

The Beauty of Awe and Wonder:

Consider those moments when you've stood beside the boundless ocean or gazed upon a star-studded night sky. These are the instances that infuse us with awe and wonder, making us feel profoundly alive. Awe and wonder enable us to transcend the ordinary, bringing us into contact with the mysterious facets of the universe. They dissolve the feelings of isolation and discontentment that often haunt our daily lives, weaving us seamlessly into the cosmic tapestry of existence. In moments of awe, we unearth a deep sense of belonging, realising that we are all part of something much larger, something beyond the grasp of our rational minds.

The Science Behind Awe and Wonder

Science has shown that embracing awe and wonder is a powerful antidote to the stresses of our modern lives. It can silence our inner critic and inspire us to be more compassionate and kind to those around us. When we immerse ourselves in awe, we find ourselves in the presence of something vast and extraordinary, enabling us to perceive the beauty and divinity inherent in everything.

Psychedelics: A Gateway to Awe and Wonder

The vivid experiences induced by psychedelics often lead to profound encounters with awe, as psychedelics can open the doors of perception, inviting us to connect with something greater than ourselves. Under their influence, the boundaries of our individual consciousness blur, often described as 'ego death,' allowing us to merge with the cosmos.

That being said, you do not need psychedelics to tap into awe and wonder. They can intensify the experience and transcend the boundaries of self and the universe, but even in a sober state, it doesn't take much to feel like a part of everything. It's merely a matter of consciously choosing to do so. So we encourage you to choose to tap into the magic, of this planet, of you, and allow yourself to see the incredible complexity, perfection and divinity in everything around and within you. All it takes is for you to look up.

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