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Meet our microdosing guides

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In my mid-20s, I found myself grappling with anxiety, depression, and a profound lack of self-esteem. I did not know how to love myself, resorting to numbing myself through alcohol and partying. Eventually, panic attacks ensued, accompanied by hair loss, and I became a captive within my own mind. It was then that I realised I craved more from life. My rock bottom helped me see this wasn’t the life I wanted to live.


Plant medicine gave me the opportunity for me look within, I was no longer able to run away. Sacred plants facilitated a sense of interconnectedness I’ve never felt before. After my first ceremony, I knew I wanted to dive deeper. Through my sits with plant medicine, I learned to embrace and dance with my own shadows. 


Over time, I honed the art of working alongside these powerful allies, treating them with intention, respect, and reverence. My evolution in who  I am today is, without a doubt, a result of my union with these plant allies. Through education, guidance and support I promote the intentional use of plant medicine. I host retreats and ceremonies in Southern California & support clients virtually.

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